PUF's Where's Energy

Electric Rates 1/40th of the CPI

Electricity is 2.522 percent of the Consumer Price Index. As a fraction, that’s about one-fortieth.

Other components of the CPI with a similar weight on this all-important measure of inflation? Full service meals and snacks, like restaurants, have a weight in the CPI of 2.324. Limited service meals and snacks, like fast food, have a weight of 2.272.

Apparel has a weight in the CPI of 2.464. Used cars and trucks have a weight of 2.544. Hospitals and related services have a weight of 2.308. Motor vehicle insurance has a weight of 2.874.

More Dates to Save

The Public Utilities Fortnightly team hosts four events each year. In 2024, Edison Congress is one of course, on the fifteenth to the seventeenth of April as we said. 

Two others are first-day luncheons at NARUC national meetings. Our Winter Summit State of State Regulation Luncheon will take place on the twenty-sixth of February, at The Westin Washington/DC Downtown. And our Summer Summit Soapbox Luncheon will take place on the fifteenth of July, at the West Palm Beach Convention Center.