Today's PUF

Electric Bill Percent

Better news on electric bill affordability comes from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In January, residential electric bills were just 1.29 percent of Americans’ personal consumption expenditures in total. That’s lower than in January of 2018, when electricity was 1.40 percent, and lower than in January 2019, when electricity was 1.32 percent.

However, it was higher than in January 2020, when electricity was at an all-time low, at 1.17 percent. This is a direct result of our pandemic world.

Registered and Ready for NARUC

80 is the New 60? Considering I’m fairly old myself, I like the vibe. But that’s the session name for the panel at NARUC’s upcoming winter meeting discussing nuclear plant second license renewals and the impact on the grid’s decarbonization. The session will be on February 10.

Then there’s the session on FERC Order 2222, on distributed resources in wholesale markets. The Commission is always creative at naming its landmark orders. About the only aspect of its rules that we can all agree on. The session will be on February 9.