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A Kilowatt-hour, Up or Down?

May 12's Consumer Price Index shows that what American consumers paid for a kilowatt-hour rose an average of 3.6 percent over the twelve months through April. This high a rate of inflation in electricity isn’t surprising since natural gas prices have been rising in recent months. Gas prices matter a lot in what electricity costs.

Residential Rates Really

April 13th's Consumer Price Index report showed that consumer prices overall averaged a 2.6 percent increase during the twelve months ending in March. And the report also showed that electricity prices — residential electric rates — averaged a virtually identical 2.5 percent increase during that same period. Economists would say that the real inflation-adjusted increase is thus approximately zero.

Very Difficult Paying Household Expenses

The Census Bureau reports that for the two week period ending the first of March, 13.9 percent of all American adults over the age of eighteen are now finding it to be very difficult to pay household expenses. Including utility bills presumably.

Another 18.5 percent of American adults are now finding it to be somewhat difficult to pay household expenses. Adding these two categories together, the household bills of nearly a third of American adults are very or somewhat difficult to pay.

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