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Demand Destruction

This May, through noon May 19, the highest hourly demand for electricity in the continental U.S. was 470.8 thousand megawatt-hours. That highest hourly demand came in hour nineteen Eastern Time on the fourth of May, the same day that the highest daily demand took place this month, at 9.6 million megawatt-hours.

Notably, this highest hourly demand was 7.6 percent less than the highest hourly demand during the same time period of last May, in 2019. And the highest daily demand was 8.3 percent less this May as compared to last May.

Nominate Your Smartest Utility Projects

Nominate your smartest utility projects. These are your most transformative electrification and digitization initiatives that are creating the smartest communities of the future.

We called this the Fortnightly Smartest Communities last year. Austin, Columbus, San Antonio, Spokane and suburban Birmingham distinguished themselves as did their utilities, City of Austin Utilities, American Electric Power, CPS Energy, Avista Utilities and Southern Company.