Austin Parts I & II

The CEOs of Edison International and Xcel Energy together with the CEOs of TerraPower, Form Energy, and seven more leading energy tech firms. And that’s just in the first afternoon of EEI’s annual conference.

The next morning, there’s Bill Gates and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm kicking things off. The afternoon features more and more CEOs, from Exelon, San Diego Gas and Electric, Allete, and Southern Company Services, along with some of the most influential voices from customers and government.

As if that isn’t enough to make EEI 2023 a must-attend, the second morning is highlighted by the CEO panel with three top leaders talking energy transition. Followed by sessions with the CEOs of American Electric Power, ComEd, and Entergy on the stage.

Where? Austin. When? June 11, 12, 13. How you can get in on all this?

Just five weeks after EEI 2023, in the very same hotel in Austin, NARUC’s Summer Summit will take place. On the agenda as usual is the massive reception the first evening, general sessions each day of the conference afterwards, and meetings of the key commissioner committees. Like the one on electricity, the one on energy resources and the environment, and those on gas and on water.

A tradition as well is PUF’s Summer Summit Soapbox Luncheon on the first full day. Invites for the two-minute speakers will be going out soon. As usual, your two minutes to talk utility regulation in prose, rhyme or song will be most strictly enforced by the gong.

Where? Again, Austin. When? July 16, 17, 18, 19. How can you get in on this one too?