Day Two at Top Innovators

It shall be, in effect, an innovation nation, this gathering at the Willard hotel.  

A real dedication to the country’s electrification.  Amid the public groundswell, and the expectation, for the energy transformation.

Forty-five speakers and panelists on the agenda today, at Fortnightly Top Innovators 2023.  That’s not counting the thirty utility innovators accepting this year’s awards.

Among those on stage this day at the Willard, AES CEO Andrés Gluski, EEI CEO Tom Kuhn, and Berkshire Hathaway’s Rocky Mountain Power CEO Gary Hoogeveen.  

And Commissioners Sarah Freeman, Ann Rendahl, and Jehmal Hudson.  From Indiana, Washington, and Virginia, respectively.

And National Grid New England President Steve Woerner, Tri-State G&T COO Barry Ingold, Duke Power SVP Swati Daji, Ameren SVP Mark Fronmuller, CenterPoint Energy SVP Steve Greenley, and Southern Company SVP Mark Berry.  

And New York Power Authority Chief Innovation Officer Daniella Piper, Spire Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer Mike Geiselhart, Xcel Energy Chief Planning Officer Alice Jackson, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Chief Strategy, Technology and Innovation Officer Peter Muhoro, and Avista Chief Customer Officer Latisha Hill.  Plus, Kansas City, Kansas, Board of Public Utilities GM Bill Johnson.

It's been a great day, on innovation in gas and power.  Now in this historic location it's time for happy hour.

To the innovators, we could not wait for this date, there's been so much anticipation.  Today we show our appreciation, with a standing ovation.