Fortnightly Magazine - May 2023

Extraordinary Careers: Branko Terzic

FERC, Wisconsin PSC

“I said, ‘Let’s put them all into one mega-notice of proposed rulemaking and do one large integrated package.’ Out of that came Order 636, which unbundled the natural gas industry, restructured it, introduced new straight variable rate design, capacity release, and packages that made our natural gas pipeline industry more efficient than ever.”

Engineering Cybersecurity

Burns & McDonnell/1898 & Co.

“Nobody wants to touch a 20-year-old server, PLC, HMI or human machine interface, an engineering workstation in operational environment, and allow some computer or automated capability to block it. Putting automated detection and response capabilities in place for critical infrastructure is, for lack of a better term, critical.”

Regulating Utility Data

West Monroe

“The reality is that how regulators rule on the accessibility and availability of utility data may determine whether a state can remotely achieve state decarbonization goals.”

AEIC Members Share Cost Optimization Approaches

Innovating the Grid Transformation

“Con Edison developed an auto-scheduler application that integrates key data into a single platform by leveraging technology and knowledge of seasoned employees to develop business logic for planning and decision making. Dominion Energy launched a net metering chatbot that utilizes machine learning to more efficiently provide information to customers.”

Co-Creating Energy Solutions with Local Communities

EEI International

A Global Circuit interview with Manitoba Hydro CEO Jay Grewal: “One of the key foundations to being an effective leader is self-awareness. So, what is leadership? You are influencing and impacting people. What is my role? My job is to support every single person in the organization to make their job easier.”