Fortnightly Magazine - May 2023

Small Nuclear Getting Big

EPRI et al.

Excerpted remarks at “Investing in Advanced Nuclear Energy,” hosted in New York by EPRI, EEI, NEI, Guggenheim Securities, Nuclear Innovation Alliance.

Small Nuclear Getting Big: Kelly Cummins


“The Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations was born out of the Infrastructure Act. We oversee more than 25 billion in clean energy technology. We transferred over to this new office from the Office of Nuclear Energy, two advanced reactor demonstration projects, the X-energy project and TerraPower Natrium project.”

Small Nuclear Getting Big: Julie Kozeracki


“I am so tired of people asking me how we’re going to solve the financing problem in nuclear. I have 300 billion in loans that nobody wants because we don’t have projects to finance. I need utilities to place orders for reactors, and I am happy to give them low-cost loans to finance that development.”

Small Nuclear Getting Big: Jim Schaefer

Guggenheim Securities

“If you’re on the regulatory side, lean into this. If you’re on the deployment side of government capital, lean into this. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of jobs, American technology, and supporting a network globally that gets us to 100% clean.”

Small Nuclear Getting Big: John Marshall

Potential Energy Coalition

“We have to get our heads around the fact that the world wants new nuclear. Our best communications advice would be that there is breakthrough technology that secures our future. It’s innovative, it’s clean, it’s abundant, it’s advantageous.”

Big Breakthrough in Transmission Transfer Capacity

TS Conductor

“The average wait for renewable farms, such as solar or wind farms to connect to the grid is 3.5 years. We can instantly change that just by swapping out the old conductors one-for-one with the TS conductor, as you can easily double, triple the capacity in the grid.”