White Papers

The New Construction Market Can Help Mitigate the Decline
 “After a decade of explosive growth in the residential solar photovoltaic (PV) market, in 2017 California saw its first decrease in annual residential solar installations. This paper suggests that the most probable cause of this downturn is the beginning of market saturation in the residential... Read More
May 2017
Natural gas utilities can incorporate leak flow rate data into existing pipeline replacement and leak repair prioritization frameworks to more rapidly and efficiently reduce leakage on their system. Leak distributions typically demonstrate a “fat-tail,” where a few, large leaks are responsible for... Read More
Disruption is a prevailing and uncompromising threat to all industries. Today, the confluence of three disruptive forces—policy and regulatory shifts, changing market demand, and technological innovation—underscore the pervasiveness of the utility industry transformation currently underway.... Read More
A Custom Electrotechnology Program
In today’s energy market, many utilities are experiencing flat or declining electricity sales resulting from efficiency programs, adoption of distributed energy resources, and other economic factors. These utilities face the dual challenge of increasing revenue while also implementing programs that... Read More
What is the state and future of the electric utility industry? That’s a broad topic, much discussed and debated. This special report takes a unique approach to getting a handle on our present and where we’re heading.
Editor-in-Chief Steve Mitnick conducted a roundtable interview with Navigant’s leading industry experts focusing on topics like renewables, distributed energy resources (DER), and how the Energy Cloud is transforming the industry and becoming a priority for C-level utility executives. Jan Vrins, ... Read More
The value of the electric grid has never been greater, but the challenges of realizing that value have never been stronger. In the near future, new technologies, distributed energy resources (DER) and the “grid of things” will demand an even more robust, reliable and resilient electric grid. Click... Read More
The gas pipeline industry is on the precipice of one of the largest capital and system-improvement expansions in the history of the industry. The “perfect storm” of market drivers has coalesced to require new and innovative methods to deliver concurrent major initiatives.Click here to download this... Read More
Integrating Distributed Energy Resources with the Power Grid
Early in the 20th century, George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison debated and competed on the merits and benefits of AC versus DC. Later, Samuel Insull and Franklin D. Roosevelt sparred over regulatory structure. Today, technology and emerging regulatory policy are allowing the possibility of an “... Read More