Fortnightly Magazine - June 12 2023

Getting IRA-IIJA Funding

State Energy Offices

Public Utilities Fortnightly's Paul Kjellander examines the federal funds coming into the energy and utilities space and how State Energy Offices are playing a role. He talks to the experts who are already dealing with the big funding issues.

IRA-IIJA Funding: Matthew Satterwhite


“Since it’s competitive, you can’t be sure you’re going to get it. Putting the applications together costs us staff resources, time, and funds to hire experts to help us put together strong applications.”

IRA-IIJA Funding: David Terry


“Among the larger programs under IIJA, electric vehicle charging infrastructure is important to states. Over $5 billion is provided to the State Departments of Transportation, typically in partnership with State Energy Offices, to establish a national electric vehicle charging network.”

IRA-IIJA Funding: Ann McCabe

Illinois Commerce Commission

“Our staff regularly meets with other states and the federal government to learn about new funding opportunities. The ICC can’t apply directly for grants, but we’re working closely with other agencies to provide the technical assistance needed as they apply for those grants.”

IRA-IIJA Funding: Phil Moeller


“As soon as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed, EEI quickly shifted our focus to becoming the central hub where our member companies can learn about and keep track of all the funding opportunities.”

IRA-IIJA Funding: Whitney Muse


“GRIP received more than 700 concept papers for the first round of funding. That’s an extraordinary level of interest and signals that the direction we’re going in standing up the Grid Deployment Office and implementing these programs, is resonating with the broader public.”

IRA-IIJA Funding: Louise Anne Comeau


“Although grant funding is speculative, the sums available for eligible projects are significant and that is a driver. A lot of the funding is open to innovative solutions that are on the cusp of commercialization, such as the distributed energy startup we have at Emera called BlockEnergy.”

IRA-IIJA Funding: Rich Stover


“With the Infrastructure Act, the State of Idaho can receive about $25 million over five years to make investments in grid hardening and modernization. We’ve never done that before. The State relies on utilities and specifically the PUC, to decide when and how to shape those investments. Now, we’ve got an opportunity to help facilitate investments.”

IRA-IIJA Funding: Melissa Boyd

Idaho Power

“We submitted two concept papers for the GRIP programs aimed at grid resiliency infrastructure. One for grid modernization and infrastructure enhancement to reduce wildfire. We were invited to apply on two concept papers, which is remarkable because about 50% were requested to apply for a grant.”