Getting IRA-IIJA Funding


State Energy Offices

Fortnightly Magazine - June 12 2023

The Inflation Reduction Act's $370 billion in clean energy investments, effective August 2022, are designed to accelerate private investment in clean energy solutions in all sectors of the economy. That includes strengthening supply chains from critical minerals to efficient electric appliances, and ensuring the U.S. leads the way in climate change efforts.

EEI Annual Meeting 2024 - June 18-20

The IRA builds on the foundational climate and clean energy actions in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act or Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, effective November 2021. The IIJA authorizes $1.2 trillion for transportation and infrastructure spending, with five hundred fifty billion going to new investments and programs. That includes billions to modernize the electric grid, build a nationwide network of electric vehicle chargers, strengthen the battery supply chain, invest in new clean energy and emissions reduction technologies, improve resilience, and more.

Here, Public Utilities Fortnightly's Paul Kjellander examines the federal funds coming into the energy and utilities space and how State Energy Offices are playing a role. Listen in as he talks to the experts who are already dealing with the big funding issues, for there is much to learn.


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