Non-Road Electrotechnology Programs

Increasing Utility Load Growth and Revenue While Decreasing Air Pollution

This ICF International white paper examines an approach to evaluating the feasibility and economics of non-road electrotechnology programs. This approach promotes the displacement of fossil-fueled customer equipment with electric-powered equipment, helps electric utilities increase net margin, improves load factor, reduces net service-territory emissions, and provides indicative economics for several programs. Key topics include:

o   Electrotechnology

o   Potential revenue growth

o   Case studies on real-world applications, including materials handling, agricultural pumping, and forklift programs

ICF has a proven approach of forecasting the impacts of electrotechnology programs, including potential models and technology databases that can be quickly calibrated to any utility's service territory. These tools have already been used by eight electric utilities.

In addition, ICF implements many customer equipment choice programs across North America and provides load-building services to 12 utilities. This "real world" experience ensures that ICF's program designs are practical and that estimates of program participation and costs are reliable.

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