Scott Prochazka, CERAWeek 2019

Scott Prochazka, CenterPoint Energy’s CEO, spoke at CERAWeek in Houston at the panel “New Frontiers for Power: Serving the Customer of the Future on March 14, 2019:

“They demand capabilities to alter their energy usage. Either through programmatic set-ups, or through the ability to make decisions as necessary. They're somebody that wants to be able to take advantage of market dislocations. So take advantage of the opportunity to deal with, or to manage higher prices effectively through real time. It could be energy conservation.

“They just want to know, generally, what is going on. Our systems today are such that we can provide that. We can provide more of that. And it's only to going to become, I think, more prevalent as we go forward.

“The customer wants to be in control. The customer wants to have the tools necessary to make good decisions. The customer wants recommendations and information from their energy providers so that they can manage their homes, their environments, their equipment, their appliances in a much more thoughtful way.”