NARUC & Public Utilities Fortnightly Summer Summit Spotlight

Commissioners Jack Betkowski, Michael Caron, Maida Coleman, Gladys Brown Dutrieuille, Mary-Anna Holden, Butch Howard, Judy Jagdmann, Paul Kjellander, Sadzi Oliva, Willie Phillips, Mary Ridder, Mark Thompson, Becky Valcq and Nick Wagner, and EEI's Tom Kuhn, AGA's Karen Harbert, NASUCA's David Springe, PJM's Asim Haque, Evergy's Greg Greenwood and ComEd's Shay Bahramirad each take the spotlight for two minutes to tell us what's on their minds, with a touch of humor or more, and with the time limit strictly controlled by PUF's Steve Mitnick and his trusty timer and loud gong.