buildee, Electrification 2018

buildee hosted a booth at the Electric Power Research Institute’s Electrification 2018 International Conference & Exposition held in Long Beach, California August 20-23, 2018. With over 1,700 attendees, engaging speakers and panels, and a show floor chock full of the latest technology, PUF’s Steve Mitnick caught up with buildee’s Clay Claassan, who explains how to bring precision and savings to the energy audit.

Clay Claassen: The challenge that we uncovered is a gap in the marketplace. In every utility market, there's a large amount of building stock and a small amount of people to drive business incentive energy-efficiency programs.

What we have is a platform that enables these small groups of people to go on site with facilities staff, which is entirely necessary to drive energy retrofit projects forward and cut down the typical time it takes to identify energy retrofit projects, incentive-based projects, and otherwise.

Interface with a facility manager on site about those opportunities, and then within twenty-four hours, issue a report to that facility manager driving forward that conversion process and enabling a higher level of trust between all the stakeholders, whether it's the building owner themselves using the interface, whether it's your utility account executives, energy managers interfacing with building owners, or your trade out line network and implementation partner responsible for selling these projects.

Steve Mitnick: Can this make a big difference, Clay?

Clay Claassen: This can make a huge difference. We all know that driving down the kilowatt-hour usage of commercial buildings is an essential piece to realizing the goals that we have on the macro scale with energy use, and this allows small groups to be able to get into a very large territory of building stock and be more effective at spreading the word about the incentive opportunities that are available.

You're standardizing your incentive-based analytics, which of course, accounts for greater accuracy, and much greater speed in delivery implementation of these business incentive energy efficiency programs.