Your Deadline is Michael Faraday’s Birthday

To submit your organization’s nomination for this year’s Fortnightly Top Innovators, you have until the twenty-second of September. That’s your deadline because that’s the day of course that we celebrate the birthday of one of our industry’s foremost innovators, Michael Faraday.

Faraday basically came up with electromagnetism. Which is kinda important since the principles of physics that he uncovered make electricity – well – useful.

There are probably a few superstar innovators at your utility, association, commission or company (even if they’re not quite up to the level of the iconic Michael Faraday). Now’s the time then to recognize and celebrate their brilliance in lighting up our world, in November’s special annual issue of Public Utilities Fortnightly on innovation.

But, your superstars won’t make it into November’s special issue on innovation unless you get your nomination in by Faraday’s birthday. So, get a move on. The nomination form, which is very easy to complete, can be had by reaching out to one of the stars on the PUF team, Alexandra Revel,