WEC Energy CEO Commits on Decarb

WEC Energy Group CEO Kevin Fletcher:

“We plan to reduce carbon emissions from our electric generation sixty percent by 2025, compared to 2005 levels…

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We’ve also established a goal of an eighty percent carbon dioxide reduction by the end of 2030, compared to our 2005 levels, and our 2050 goal for our generation fleet is to be net zero carbon.  The beauty of the plan is that we can do what we just laid out, our sixty and eighty percent goals, with existing technologies…

Let me underscore this – customer satisfaction and reliability are our bedrocks and it’s a strong foundation.  If our customers are asking us for affordable, reliable, and clean energy, then we will deliver.

We aggressively are going down this path because, number one, it’s the right thing to do.  Number two, we have the ability and the capability of doing so.”

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