Two Years Too Much

What’s changed in our industry in the last two years? Are you kidding? Like everything.

I don’t know where to start. Ok. Here’s my list of the ten biggest changes, in order of importance. What’s yours?

  1. Natural gas prices peaking and they’re not going anywhere.
  2. A lot of the workforce isn’t going anywhere either, working mostly at home.
  3. The drive to decarbonize has accelerated.
  4. The drive to diversify the workforce and suppliers has accelerated.
  5. Under a new presidential administration, there’s major money for everything energy.
  6. The temperature is rising as are concerns to maintain resilience amid climate changes.
  7. Innovation off the charts in nuclear, storage, transmission, offshore wind, you name it.
  8. As coal plants close, some activists putting pressure to abandon natural gas too.
  9. Supply chain blues; deliveries from offshore flowing like molasses.
  10. More cars changing the channel from the gas station to the charge station.