Our Shortest Serving Commissioners

Sixty of the hundred ninety-one state utility commissioners have served two years or less. That's thirty-one percent of the current commissioners. 

I only counted commissioners from full members of NARUC. Sorry to my friends on the commissions of Guam, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, etc. 

And I rounded up or down to the nearest number of years of service. Commissioners with two years of service began their terms March 2015 through February 2016. Commissioners with one year of service started their terms March 2016 or later.

Here's the honor roll of shortest-serving commissioners:

I. One year of service, thirty-eight commissioners

Martha Guzman Aceves, California Public Utilities Commission

Jeffrey Ackerman, Colorado Public Utilities Commission

James Atterholt, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

Jay Balasbas, Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission

Damon Baldone, Louisiana Public Service Commission

Richard Beverly, Public Service Commission of District of Columbia

Robert Cicero, Kentucky Public Service Commission

Daniel Conway, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Megan Decker, Oregon Public Utility Commission

Boyd Dunn, Arizona Corporation Commission

Katie Scharf Dykes, Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

Rachel Eubanks, Michigan Public Service Commission

Mike Francis, Louisiana Public Service Commission

Sarah Freeman, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission 

Lawrence Friedeman, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Marion Gold, Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission

James Griffin, Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

Cynthia Hall, New Mexico Public Regulation Commission

Lisa Hardie, Oregon Public Utility Commission

Keith Jordan, Tennessee Public Utility Commission

Brian Kroshus, North Dakota Public Service Commission

Richard Lozier, Iowa Utilities Board

Wendy Moser, Colorado Public Utilities Commission

Anthony O' Donnell, Maryland Public Service Commission

Tony O'Donnell, Montana Public Service Commission

Kimberly O'Guinn, Arkansas Public Service Commission

Sadzi Martha Oliva, Illinois Commerce Commission

Rebecca Pauli, Regulatory Commission of Alaska 

Donald Pohlmann, Florida Public Service Commission

Ann Pongracz, Nevada Public Utilities Commission

Clifford Rechtschaffen, California Public Utilities Commission

Joseph Reynolds, Nevada Public Utilities Commission

Mary Ridder, Nebraska Public Service Commission

Lon Roberts, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Anthony Roisman, Vermont Public Utility Commission

Michael Schmitt, Kentucky Public Service Commission

Katie Sieben, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

David Sweet, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission 

II. Two years of service, twenty-two commissioners

Eric Anderson, Idaho Public Utilities Commission

Kathryn Bailey, New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission

Sam Britton, Mississippi Public Service Commission

Cecil Brown, Mississippi Public Service Commission 

Maida Coleman, Missouri Public Service Commission

Kim Drexler, Delaware Public Service Commission

Lyons Gray, North Carolina Utilities Commission

Sarah Hofmann, Vermont Public Utility Commission

Mark Huebsch, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Gerri Huser, Iowa Utilities Board

Mike Karia, Delaware Public Service Commission 

Francis Koncilja, Colorado Public Utilities Commission

Stephen McAlpine, Regulatory Commission of Alaska

Andrew Place, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Michael Richard, Maryland Public Service Commission

John Rosales, Illinois Commerce Commission

Norman Saari, Michigan Public Service Commission

Matt Schuerger, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

Andy Tobin, Arizona Corporation Commission

Jordan White, Public Service Commission of Utah

Kara Cunningham Williams, Public Service Commission of West Virginia

Bruce Williamson, Maine Public Utilities Commission 


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