How to Spend Valentine's Day

Perhaps this isn’t the obvious choice, as to how to spend Valentine’s Day this February 14. But it’s the perfect choice for those who, like me, are in love with utility regulation.

For the third year in a row (rudely interrupted though by the pandemic in 2021), Public Utilities Fortnightly will be hosting a first day luncheon at NARUC’s Winter Policy Summit in DC.

Reuters Events – Energy Transition North America 2022 – #ETNA2022 – Register Now – Houston, Texas; November 9–10

You’ll recall the theme of the past luncheons was Thomas Edison’s birthday, complete with a delectable birthday cake or cupcakes. Alas, the conference’s first day this year falls three days after Edison’s birthday. But the first day does fall on Valentine’s Day.

The theme will be, I Love Regulation. As always, the luncheon panel will take out their trusty crystal balls and talk about regulation’s future.

Already, in mid-December, about two hundred people have registered for the Winter Policy Summit. And more are doing so every day, as we head to a thousand, I expect.

You should register too, via, for the informative discussions about utility regulation and policy, for the incredible networking, and of course for the I Love Regulation luncheon.