Exelon Utilities CEO with a Customer

Exelon Utilities CEO Calvin Butler

“It’s important to know what the [Howard County, Maryland] County Executive wouldn’t share with you is he had been in office not even a couple of weeks. I had the pleasure of being a CEO at the time, I stepped into his office, and we talked about what was his agenda.

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I knew on his platform, he was talking about being environmentally conscious, climate goals, and so forth.  We asked, if we have an opportunity to work together, would you be interested? He said, absolutely. These conversations started years ago, but it’s important to note, we started these conversations with many others. But Howard County said, we want to be a leader.

If you can understand what that means by being a leader, you’re first, but you also take some risk of the unknown. If you’re a leader, you set the pace and the standard for everyone else. I give credit to the County Executive in Howard County for stepping up.”

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball

“It’s a pleasure to be here with Calvin Butler, who is a leader, a visionary, and has always helped steer the company towards collaboration. Through the years, we’ve partnered with BGE-Exelon, to move the county and state forward.”

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