Electric Election

I just saw in the news that Election Day is coming up. Whoa! Why haven’t we heard more about that?

Yes, my mobile has been ringing off the hook with calls from suspicious phone numbers. I figured they were the usual – solicitations for vacation home timeshares, claims the IRS wants my credit card info; that sort of thing.

I don’t pick up the phone of course when these calls come. But now I’m thinking these folks are looking for twenty-five bucks to help their candidate win Maine’s three hundred and sixty-fourth congressional district or some such place.

In our field of utilities and utility regulation, we’re mighty busy right now, tackling climate change, hurricanes, wildfires, cybersecurity attacks, etc., all from our dining room based offices. It’s pretty hard to break away, for even a few minutes. So, I suppose, we’ll be disproportionately mailing in our votes.

Since one of these candidates for POTUS is going to be declared the winner — hopefully by Groundhog’s Day — and the Senate will turn blue or stay red, the nation’s agenda for energy and utilities will be back on the table (which is, as I said, where we’re working from these days). It begs the question – what do you think should be the agenda for energy and utilities? That is, what are the tippy top priorities that the feds should address through legislation and administratively, in your humble — or otherwise — opinion?

Tell us. Your trusty Public Utilities Fortnightly team will look over the thousands of entries and publish here the best of the bunch.

Just send what you think should be our national agenda for energy and utilities to Alexandra Revel, at arevel@fortnightly.com. You can even choose to go anonymous, or not. Be bold in what you write but be shy about it if that suits.