Day Three at Top Innovators

Here’s to the top innovators. They’re the creators, instigators, generators, collaborators, getting it done sooner rather than later. They’re the energy transformators. Is there anything greater?

Fortnightly Top Innovators 2023, the summit just steps from the White House with innovation leaders from forty different utilities, twenty-five energy tech companies, equity fund firms, industry associations, etc., winds up today.

We begin this day with a keynote by EPRI CEO Arshad Mansoor, and a dialogue with the Department of Energy Loan Program Office’s Leslie Rich. But that just takes us to 8:50 a.m. At that point, Day Three is just getting started.

There’s the Innovation in Generation and Storage panel with innovation leaders from Southern Company, Form Energy, Quidnet Energy, Edison Electric Institute, and the Department of Energy. Then there’s the Innovation in “Tough Tech” panel, with innovation leaders from Dominion Energy, Xcel Energy, VEIR, Quaise Energy, and Guggenheim Partners. Lisa Wood is moderating that one.

There’s more. There’s the Innovation in Customer Solutions panel. Moderator Adam Cooper, who heads the Institute for Electric Innovation, will be joined by panelists from National Grid and BGE. The next panel, entitled EPRI as a Factory of Innovation, features Morgan Scott, Britta Gross, and Tina Taylor, who lead major initiatives there. And then a dialogue with Quinn Nakayama, who leads grid research innovation and development at PG&E.

And before the day and the conference are done, there’s a great guest luncheon speaker and after lunch program.

We’ll say our goodbyes after that, and look forward to next year’s Edison Congress in May and Fortnightly Top Innovators in October. See you at the Willard.