Commissioner Mindy Herman

Excerpted from August’s Public Utilities Fortnightly cover article on the Maryland PSC:

“I have an extensive background in the industry. I started right before law school. It was hard to get a job back in the early eighties, but I got a job as a Xerox girl at a law firm.

After a couple of years, I decided, hey, I could do that, I could be a lawyer, and I was tired of giving all that information to the lawyers. I went to law school and then got a job with a firm that did energy law. That’s how it was back then. When you worked for a law firm, you did what they did, and that’s how I started.

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After a couple of years, I moved to Baltimore and decided I didn’t want to drive into Washington anymore. I met someone at Baltimore Gas & Electric at a conference and said, I’d be interested in working with you. I got that job.

I worked at BGE for a number of years, then went to a law firm, and then worked at Pepco for a number of years. I went back to the law firm, worked my way up to partner, and then went back to Pepco one last time to do non-legal work – I worked in the regulatory practice and was the Director. That’s how I ended up here.

It’s hard to know exactly how I was appointed because I have no political connections whatsoever. Our Governor had said when he first started that he was interested in appointing people who had expertise in the field to these various spots. I suspect that’s how I landed here, because I had a lot of experience.”

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