Brag On Your Project

For those considering nominating a project for this year’s Fortnightly Smartest Utility Projects, what kinds of projects would qualify?

  1. It should be an individual project or set of projects or a series of projects.
  2. It should be an electric distribution or customer service project or projects, including behind-the-meter.
  3. It should have made or is making a substantial step for one or more of the communities the utility serves.
  4. It can be in the area of electrification, digitization, grid modernization and resilience, or decarbonization.
  5. Some examples: electric vehicle charging, electric buses, microgrids, improving broadband access, innovative systems for detecting gas leaks, lessening vehicle traffic, enhancing street parking, in-the-home security and appliance control, indoor agriculture, customer apps, enhancing municipal services.

The deadline to nominate and brag on your project is four weeks from today. For more info, contact PUF’s Alexandra Revel,

Lead image: An electric bus from Columbus, Ohio.