Fortnightly Magazine - June 18 2024

Ten Commissioners Talk Infrastructure

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Ten Commissioners from varied parts of the nation answered these questions: What are the most important needs for electric power infrastructure? What are your greatest concerns about infrastructure? How should utility regulation adjust to these needs and concerns, if at all? How different will electric power infrastructure be in the year 2040?

Power infrastructure: Arizona CC

State Commissioners

“Whether explaining to elected officials or the public, we need to describe what encompasses flicking that light switch on the wall, all the components to ensuring energy reliability, and how Arizona is faring."

Power infrastructure: Georgia PSC

State Commissioners

“For me to say capacity shortages, it’s breathtaking. But we are learning every day that as artificial intelligence is being used across the corporate business spectrum, its processing needs are so much greater than anything we’ve seen.”

Power infrastructure: Indiana URC

State Commissioners

“We’re going to need wide-ranging types of support, perhaps looking at creative partnerships among utilities and other stakeholders for assignment of costs to the cost causers and beneficiaries of service, because sometimes those may not be the direct customers of a regulated utility.”

Power infrastructure: Louisiana PSC

State Commissioners

“I hope we don’t fail to maintain infrastructure; whether it’s distribution, transmission, generation, and adequate reinvestment to keep up these resources. We have to balance the interests as those are important, but we don’t want to over-engage and overspend needlessly.”

Power infrastructure: New Mexico PRC

State Commissioners

“Items like transformers are hard to get. That can slow down the change, including the need to address resource adequacy. It also slows down economic development because new loads need transformers too. That’s the immediate need, it’s equipment.”

Lightning Round on Power's Future


Fifteen Guidehouse experts hit their buzzers and answer our questions: Danielle Vitoff, Peter Shaw, Amul Sathe, Ed Batalla, Jenny Hampton, Keshav Sarin, Erik Larson, Derek Jones, Debbie Brannan, Robyn Link, Latisha Younger-Canon, Nathan White, Shaun Fernando, Aditya Ranade, Steve Waller.

Power Walk

About This Painting

“When people complain and say, “not in my backyard,” I find it difficult to commiserate. When I see transmission towers, I see the infrastructure necessary to drive economic opportunity and prosperity. And the energy that makes everyday life easier to enjoy.”