Fortnightly Magazine - January 2024

What's in Store in Twenty-Four?

Scylla and Charybdis

As we contemplate how we, in the fashion of Odysseus, shall confront the various Scylla and Charybdis of the new year, it is good to remember the strengths of our ship at sea.

Last Dots Connected

NARUC Annual Meeting

NARUC held its Annual Meeting and Education Conference in California inNovember, closing out three years of the theme, “Connecting the Dots, Innovative/Disruptive Technology and Regulation.” NARUC President Michael Caron passed the torch on to North Dakota Commissioner Julie Fedorchak, who as NARUC’s new President will make history with the first all-female leadership of the Association, with Georgia’s Tricia Pridemore as First Vice President and Washington’s Ann Rendahl as Second Vice President.

Tomorrow's Tech: Integrated Resource Planning

NARUC Annual Meeting

“For projects that use these newer technologies that might have longer-term benefits with shorter-term costs or that build their value from preventing high-cost catastrophes from occurring like wildfires or increasing global temperatures, how can those costs be properly assessed?”

Multi-Metric Resource Adequacy Framework

NARUC Annual Meeting

“Utilities, reliability entities, researchers, and regulators are focused on exploring advanced resource adequacy frameworks that leverage multiple metrics to evaluate the ability of power systems to minimize various outage events while balancing costs. Panelists are going to discuss the motivation behind a multi-metric analysis.”

CFO Roundtable


Resilience conversations with PSEG CFO Dan Cregg, Duke Energy CFO Brian Savoy, and Exelon CFO Jeanne Jones.

CFO Roundtable: Dan Cregg


“One of the most vital resources in New Jersey in the energy space, and that is our nuclear units. Those units are dispatchable, carbon-free generators that produce close to forty percent of the energy that New Jersey uses.”

CFO Roundtable: Brian Savoy

Duke Energy

“An interesting investment we’ve made on a sizable part of our grid in Florida, and about half of it in the Carolinas, is called smart, self-healing technology. It functions similar to a GPS system or Waze on your phone, rerouting power to avoid the areas of congestion and getting customers the quickest route to get the lights back on.”

CFO Roundtable: Jeanne Jones


“We always start with what our customers want. Our customers want a resilient, clean, affordable grid. All our investment plans are designed to meet the goals in our various jurisdictions.”

Gas-Electric Systems Evolve Beyond Interdependency

Interconnected Bulk Energy System

“These two systems have become interconnected, rather than just Interdependent. A new reliability paradigm, the Interconnected Bulk Energy System, emerges with this evolution, reflecting the increased interrelationship between the gas and electricity sectors.”