A Utility Celebrates Innovation


Exelon Innovation Summit

Fortnightly Magazine - July 2024

At Fortnightly Top Innovators 2023, on the tenth of last October, Exelon and its distribution utilities took home three of the national awards for innovation. Exelon’s Ankush Agarwal, Po-Chen Chen, and Vlad Anderson won the Charles Steinmetz Top Innovator Award for grid operations. BGE’s Joseph Byrd and Andrew Hedrick won the William Hammer Top Innovator Award for electrification. And PECO’s Luke Benedict, Dave Reino, and Dustin Nace won the Florence Fogler Top Innovator Award for transmission tech.

Innovation is imbued in the company’s culture throughout its workforce on behalf of all its ten-and-a-half-million customers. As evidenced by the Exelon Innovation Expo that was full of energy and inspiring at the same time, and that took place last month, on the fifth of June.

The Public Utilities Fortnightly team was on hand of course. Per the following, PUF had the opportunity to ask three of its top execs what the Expo means to them. And how innovation is weaved into all aspects of the company’s service to customers.


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