Canada's Regulatory Leaders Meet in Calgary



Fortnightly Magazine - June 2024

CAMPUT’s annual conference is the preeminent energy regulatory conference in Canada and was held this year in Calgary, Alberta. From May 5 – 8 attendees heard the perspectives of regulators, energy and utilities companies, academics, communities, Indigenous Peoples, NGOs, consumer representatives, and advisers and legal counsels on the leading issues facing the regulatory community.

The conference focused on tools, approaches, and strategies upon which regulators and their stakeholders can base concrete actions to address challenges. There were a few surprises too, including from the panel on AI and Machine Learning, a song with a driving beat on utility regulation made by using artificial intelligence via ChatPDF.

There was too much going on at CAMPUT 2024 to include it all in these pages, but Public Utilities Fortnightly was there and brings you here some of what went on. With almost five hundred attendees, CAMPUT is growing, so mark your calendars to be there next year in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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