The Experts on Turbines, Grid Connections, Distribution Data


PSM, S&C, Itron

Fortnightly Magazine - May 2023

Decarbonization is here to stay, as are the continued technological advancements to get the energy and utilities industry where it needs to be to meet clean energy goals. With so much going on, Public Utilities Fortnightly shares here conversations on the latest on turbines, grid connection, and distribution data.

It's important, as getting to an upgraded grid that can handle more renewables to reach lofty pollution-free goals requires a confluence of well, everything these businesses have to offer. They have much to offer too, as you will read here about these leading companies and the work they are doing helping utilities get where they need to be.

A trio of heavy hitters, but more important, experts, Power Systems Manufacturing President Alex Hoffs, S&C Electric CEO Anders Sjoelin, and Itron CEO Tom Deitrich bring you inside the latest advancements in the clean energy revolution. There is much to discover.


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