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Fortnightly Magazine - November 8 2021
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The term for this major driver of financial community investment in utilities is Environmental, Social and Governance. Though few spell out that ponderous name preferring the simpler acronym ESG. Major investors across the global economy are increasingly demanding the companies they invest in, including utilities, to exactingly report their progress on and make progress on combating climate change, diversifying the workforce and leadership, and other ESG priorities. Under the ESG microscope especially have been energy utilities with the expectation that they'll aggressively cut climate change gas emissions consistent with global, national, and state goals. 

Electric utilities in the United States like American Electric Power, Arizona Public Service, Evergy, Northwestern Energy, PPL Corporation, WEC Energy Group, and Xcel Energy, as outlined below by execs from these companies, have quite decisively accelerated their progress on ESG priorities, through investment, innovation, and a clear intent to be recognized as leaders in ESG at the same time that they continue to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable utility service to the communities that depend upon them, powerfully.


ESG Powerfully conversations, some with Guidehouse's Dan Hahn and Michelle Fay: